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Athletic Facilities

Moray L. Eby Fieldhouse

Eby Fieldhouse

The Moray L. Eby Fieldhouse includes varsity and junior varsity basketball courts, an indoor baseball practice facility, an indoor softball facility, volleyball and badminton courts, and a large strength development area equipped with an extensive range of free weights and workout machines. The indoor rock climbing gym is located next to the strength development area. Eby's wrestling room accommodates two full-size wrestling mats with additional practice areas. Eby is also the site of indoor soccer scrimmages during the winter months. View more photos here.

Clark Fields

Located adjacent to the Racquet Center, the Clark Fields feature a 2,200-seat football/soccer stadium with a full-size press box, rooms for home and visiting teams, and a concession area. An eight-lane Balsam track surrounds the field, which hosts football and soccer contests. A softball diamond, constructed in the Northeast corner, features some of the largest concrete dugouts in the state. With a full-field tarp, Coe can cover its clay infield and grass outfield with ease. Seating is available for 250 spectators. A track and field practice area and an intramural field fill out the space. View more photos here.

Clark Racquet Center

The Clark Racquet Center, considered by some to be the crown jewel of Coe's athletic facilities, includes racquetball and squash courts. Six indoor and six outdoor tennis courts are used to host several Iowa Conference tournaments as well as home matches. The Center boasts a six-lane 200-meter indoor track with a Mondo-Super X Tartan surface, the finest available. Clark also offers a Universal weight room, an aerobics room, sauna, classroom and conference room. View more photos here.

Daniels Park

The Baseball team has called Daniels Park its home since the spring of 2005. Through a joint effort with the City of Cedar Rapids, Coe renovated the Daniels Park baseball field. Daniels Park is only a couple of blocks from Coe's campus. View more photos here.


The Coe Natatorium features a 40-meter eight-lane swimming pool with a 16-foot deep diving well. Equipped with a bulkhead, the pool can be configured in several ways, including an all-deep water racing course. The Natatorium also features new starting blocks, the most modern racing lanes, and new diving standards, boards, and lights. Coe has recently installed the Colorado timing system, including software for meet management and record-keeping.

Special amenities for Coe divers include heating lamps, a bubbler system, and a Maxiflex one-meter diving standard and three-meter diving board. The Natatorium's large gallery comfortably accommodates several hundred spectators. View more photos here.