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Kohawk Traditions

The History of the Kohawk

Though Coe College fans cheer for the Kohawks, had nine students voted differently in 1922, they could just as easily be rooting for the "Coe Trojans."

In 1922, the Coe Athletic Council began the quest for a mascot, and held a contest, giving a Coe blanket to the person who could create an original name for the Coe athletic teams. 

From more than 600 entries, the faculty committee selected Trojans, Rangers and Ramblers to put to a student vote, encouraging students to vote "none" if they did not like any of the options. Of the three names, 307 voted for "Trojans," while 95 picked "Rangers" and 42 voted for "Ramblers."

A majority, 315, voted for none of the options, and for a few weeks, it appeared as if the Coe teams would continue simply as the "Crimson and Gold."

Professor C.W. Perkins, chairman of the German department, developed

the Kohawk name. In a letter to the Cosmos, he explained that "Hawks" represented Iowa, the Hawkeye State. In a Native American language, "ko" means "like the," so the nickname means "like the hawks." Perkins added in his letter that he thought the phrase "Coe Kohawks" had good alliteration, and therefore, sounded more appealing. His suggestion was put to a student vote and was accepted in November 1922.

Coe College Fight Song

Fight on you Kohawks,
Fight on for victory,
Fight on for red and gold -
Lift up your heads and sound the call
For your teammates bold,

Rah! Rah! Rah!

You'll bring in glory
For the name of Coe
And for the halls of fame
And the laurels of battle will be ours
Forever to remain.


Our team will GO
Our team will FIGHT
Our team will WIN
Our team will GO, FIGHT, WIN!

(Repeat Verses)

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