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T.J. Stecklein
Inducted in 1999
In the Category of
Football, Wrestling
Graduated: 1982
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Playing two sports is hard enough, but for T.J. Stecklein, simply playing was not enough. In Stecklein's world, second best does not exist.

In four years at Coe, Stecklein earned letters every season in both football and wrestling. On the field, he was one of the fiercest defensive backs in the Midwest Conference, where he was an all-conference selection. He served as a team captain in his junior and senior years. For his dedication in the classroom as well as outstanding football ability, Stecklein was a natural selection as an Academic All-American.

On the mats, he further combined his physical and mental abilities. He did not simply win matches; he dominated his competition to win three consecutive conference championships as well as qualify for the NCAA Division III national meet in those years. He was so well thought of and admired for his dedication that his teammates elected him a team captain for his last three years at Coe.
After graduation, Stecklein took an assistant coaching position at Wahlert High School and then assumed the head coaching position at LaSalle two years later. In four seasons, he guided the team to the Class 2A championship game in 1985, the Class 3A quarterfinals in 1986 and another playoff appearance in 1987.

Following that success, Stecklein sought out a bigger challenge and found it in Charles City. He took over a team which had not tasted a win in quite some time. Three years later, the team finished 6-3, duplicating that mark the following year. In 1988, he received one of the highest prep coaching honors in Iowa when he was selected as the Defensive Coordinator for the Shrine Game.

In 1992, T.J. left coaching to enter a new field that offered more challenges. For Stecklein simply showing up is not good enough. The measure for Stecklein's success is how well he played and coached the game.

Kohawks Hall of Fame
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John Jermier19821959Football, Baseball, Track
John Prasch19821940Football, Basketball, Track
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Justin Watson19821950Football, Baseball
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John Elgin19831954Baseball, Football
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Lou Knudtson19841960Football
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Dale Amendt19851957Football, Basketball
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Steve Eden19911977Wrestling
Don Flagel19911975Football, Track
Jack Fulton19911954Basketball, Baseball
Bill Carrithers19921973Basketball
Dave Rosenberg19921955Wrestling, Rifle Shooting, Wrestling Coach, Track Coach
Lowell Wedgbury19921938Football, Track
Doug Baldwin19931976Track
Charlene Cline1993Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach, Track Coach
George Dyche19931967Wrestling Coach, Football Coach, Baseball Coach
Mark Parker19931980Baseball, Basketball, Football
Bob Tvrdik19931946Football, Basketball, Tennis
Charles Hopkins19941949Track
Cindy Hutcheson19941983Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Russell Knapp19941930Tennis
William Schmarzo19941979Basketball
Judy Chadima19951951Swimming
Edward Cisler19951940Football, basketball, Track
Leonard Cooper19951976Basketball
Donald Dunlop19951941Football, Basketball
Dan Strellner19951975Baseball
Dave Wessel19951959Football
Jim Bruck19961977Wrestling
Donald Faris19961932Basketball
Kim Gibney19961980Softball, Basketball,Volleyball
John Hearn19961979Track, Football
Ken Mullen19961977Track
David Ostrander19961974Football
Anne Pinckney19961981Volleyball, Golf
Charles Booth19971979Baseball
Marcus Jackson1997Basketball Coach
Gordon Kerkman19971960Basketball, Baseball
Dodie Leners19971981Cross Country, Track
Gary Long19971977Wrestling, Football
Harold Phillips19971987Basketball, Football
Larry Atwater19981982Football, Wrestling
Bill Fitch19981954Basketball Coach
Jon Kohl19981958Football, Track
Rims Roof19981986Football
Robert Yilek19981984Wrestling
Dale Etka19991936Football, Track
Ekido MaCaulay19991977Soccer, Track
Diane Meyer Burger19991985Softball
T.J. Stecklein19991982Football, Wrestling
Everett Stoutner19991942Track
Sharon Lorber Kleinow20001990Basketball, Softball
Paul R. Wagner20001983Track, Football
Brigette Bergemann20011987Swimming
Barron Bremner2001Wrestling Coach
Shawn Hall20011983Wrestling
Thomas Marshall20011983Baseball, Football
Kristine Loftus20021988Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Bill Spellman2002Football Coach
Rich Tosi20021965Football, Baseball
Gregg Trosky20021982Football
Chris Donaldson20031978Wrestling, Soccer
Jim Dostal20031987Football
Jude Milbert20031979Baseball, Football
Steve Schnoebelen20031979Baseball
Dennis Armstrong20041957Football, Wrestling, Track
Glenn Carlson20041986Football
David Johnston20041954Basketball, Baseball
Charles Meyer20041984Track
Carey Bender20051995Football
Richard Kleinhans20051974Football, Baseball
Kim Russ Klostermann20051986Softball, Swimming, Volleyball
Glenn Drahn2006Football Coach, Baseball Coach
Bill Fletcher2006Golf Coach
Dan Heeren20061976Football
Alan Rowe20061968Football, Baseball
Jonathan Turbett20061996Tennis
Brenda Heisner Green20071995Track
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Eric Johnson20071992Basketball
Randy Patton20071976Baseball, Football
David Showalter20071982Football
Nikki Claussen20081995Volleyball, Track
Richard Matthews20081994Football, Track
Ed Trimble20081975Track
Barrie Ernst20091976Baseball, Basketball
Jeff Hrubes20091988Basketball, Football
Nancy Kahle-Netolicky20091986Softball
Ryan Kolpin20091991Football, Baseball, Track
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Shelly Howe20101996Basketball and Softball
Guy Simons20101994Football
Marie Strilich Anderson20101988Swimming
Joel Holst20111985Baseball and Football
Tom Kaloupek20111986Football and Baseball
Mike Matzen20111986Football
Paige Stamp Telecky20112000Softball and Basketball
Wally Swan20111965Basketball and Baseball
Kim Buchner Spranger20121987Track and Field & Cross Country
John Costello20121992Football and Baseball
Katie McGuire Graham20121986Basketball & Softball
Heidi Nitz Schomaker20121994Soccer and Basketball
Joe Whitters20121989Wrestling
Dennis Gay20131971Football/Track and Field
Zak Gordon20132001Football/Wrestling
Erica Struckmann-Strodtz20131999Women's Soccer
Johnny Watson20132001Tennis
Lorri Eberhard Zeller20141984Softball & Basketball
Marika Pewe20141995Softball
Brent Thurness20141990Football & Track and Field
Tim Vinyard20142002Football & Baseball